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ReSource & Remember Your Gifts....


Imagine how it will feel to know you have everything you need within yourself !

My purpose as your Wellness Guide is to help you ReSource and Remember Your Gifts.

Inspiring and effective ways to access your natural, inherent Intuitive Gifts:

Q & O Intuitive Sessions Is it time for total clarity, NOW? This in-person, phone or video session format offers you practical and easeful guidance about your life's purpose, relationships, health, career, finances and more. We use your QUESTIONS to focus Source Guidance through me, providing you clear OPTIONS for evolving your limitless opportunities into your desired reality. Invest in Yourself - $175/60 min | $200/75 min | $250/90 min

Intuitive Expansion Training Series - Do you have a burning desire to effectively access and use your own inner compass? This advanced series of 12 Intuitive Training Sessions is guaranteed to meet you exactly where you have forgotten who you are and why you are here. Really; and we have so much fun clearing your path in the process that you may choose to teach others the tools and techniques herein so you have more Love Ninjas to serve and play with... Invest in Your Expansion - $450/ea | $5000 for 12 series pkg.


Bodywork and Intuitive Combo Session - Should we start by clearing the issues in your tissues? Sometimes the best way to prime your Intuitive Pump is by starting with restorative bodywork to clean your windshield and then finish with a Q & O segment to get your intuitive GPS rebooted and effectively programmed. Invest in Your Vehicle - $250/60 min | $300/ 75 min | $400/90 min

Clarion Sphere Intuitive Gatherings - Are you in search of like-hearted, intuitive community gatheringsJoin or cocreate a Q & O gathering where we connect as a community around an inspiring topic and receive guidance and healing energy focused through members' questions. Invest in Your Sphere - $22 ea |10 person min.

My experience with Grace's program has been phenonimal

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